Top Anti-Snoring Devices for the Snorer in Your Life


Whether you’re the culprit or not, snoring can be an absolute nightmare for yourself and/or your significant other when it comes to going to bed.

It can stop you from getting off to sleep, or in extreme cases it can even wake you up during the night, disrupting your much needed REM sleep – the sleep which we actively gain most rest from.

But fortunately, there are plenty of anti-snoring devices out there in the market that can provide the easy fix you might be looking for.

Mouth Guards

Snoring is caused, not by an issue in the nose as most commonly thought, but by the relaxing of the muscles in the back of the airway in our larynx.

This means the solution lies in the mouth, and a common option open to snorers is to use an anti-snoring mouth guard. Anti-snoring mouthpieces are similar to a regular mouth guard you may find in a store, except that they are more readily adjustable to keep them secured during sleep.

Unlike a regular mouth guard, a snoring mouthpiece cannot be held in place by biting, as the mouth will attempt to widen during sleep. Therefore, they have to be clamped in place to both the top and bottom of the mouth.

By keeping the jaw positioned correctly, and the tongue dampened, the passage of air to and from the airway is much easier, meaning that the muscles will not have to work harder and vibrate, causing the snoring sound.

Most mouth guards come with a boil and bite feature, which allows you to boil the mouth piece in water and then place it in your mouth, so that when you bite down it leaves an impression in the mouth guard for a more custom fit.

Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSD)

A tongue stabilizing device is an alternative snoring aid, which helps to hold your tongue in the correct position overnight, alleviating the issue of reduced or irritated airflow.

It’s a device that’s positioned on the lips, and resembles a baby’s pacifier but with a hole where the pacifier itself would normally be. The tongue is placed in this hole, and the mouth helps to keep the TSD in place.

The TSD you can buy will most likely be one-size fits all, and are completely ready to be used as soon as you take them out of the box.

Mandibar Advancing Devices (MAD)

A Mandibar advancing device works similar to a TSD by holding the tongue, but where this device differs in that it holds the lower jaw in place also.

This can be especially useful as a solution as a snoring remedy if you’re a “tongue based snorer”.

MAD devices can be considered a more complex version of a tongue stabilizing device, as these normally requires special fitting to make them work effectively.

Snoring doesn’t have to be a huge issue in your life, and fortunately because of the number of varying devices available, it’s likely there is something out there for you!

Try some out, and soon you’ll be having snore free sleeps back in your life.