Dorm Room

Tips for Sharing a Dorm Room

Are you heading off to college this fall after four years of rigorous high school study? Congratulations on your achievements. The next four years can be some of the most exciting and fulfilling in your life. They’ll pass by quickly, so commit to making the most of them. If you’re heading into life in a dorm, you may well be sharing a room with someone you’ve likely just met. One of the biggest lessons learned in college is the ability to get along with those that are different from you, have different ideas and habits. You might even have a roommate that snores. What are your options? Follow these proven recommendations from the experts at the university housing departments to make the most out of your dormitory experience.

College is a time of excitement and change. It is also a time of self-exploration. The more people you meet from different walks of life, the more you actually learn about yourself. Get started on the right foot with your new roommate. Many university housing departments offer preference sheets to roommates. These are checklists full of various items and issues that the two of you will face in your dorm room.  The issues of compromise include items such as open or closed door policy, loud music or headphone preferences, windows open or closed, room temperature, visitor guidelines. Each of these items needs to be compromised and agreed upon between the two of you. With an open mind, these life style issues can certainly be resolved. Many university housing departments have a policy that each roommate must sign and adhere to the agreements spelled out on each of these preference sheet items.

Are you a clothes horse? Have your brought just about every stitch of clothing you own and are attempting to squeeze them into a tiny dorm space? If you’re far from home and attending college in a climate of extreme seasonal temperature changes, chances are you’ve indeed brought a substantial quantity of shoes, boots, accessories and clothing. Did you take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stock up on some of the must have new styles available at Ugg Australia? While you might well be thrilled with your new purchases, finding storage in a small dorm room can create a challenge.  Creativity, along with respect for your roommate’s space is so important when it comes to living together in harmony. Compromise is the key. Large footlockers under your bed or out serving double duty as a table are a great place to store shoes and boots. Keep items on your side of the room to avoid controversy. Get started on the right foot respecting your roommate and fulfilling the promises and compromises outlined in the roommate preference sheet. Best of luck to you during the next four years of dorm life.