Anti Snore Device

Which Anti Snore Device Should I Use to Stop Snoring?

People associate snoring to almost any breathing noise people make during sleep. The bottom line is that snoring is caused by some form of air blockage in the mouth, the throat, the nose, or any combination of these.

There are several reasons why people are snoring and it’s important to analyze the real cause of someone who snares to investing anti-snoring devices that may not even work. You do not want to put a cast on your arm when what you have is a broken leg. To stop snoring, you have to find relief from the root cause or eternally eliminate the most important source of the condition, if possible.

Excess Tissue/Mass in the Throat

This may be due to an extra-long uvula or a gentle way. In addition, the presence of excess tissues in the throat due to a bulky neck limits the number of air space to get in and leave the body. These loose and dangling muscles are often guilty of snoring.

The obesity plays an important role in this sense, because the overweight people often have higher and bulky necks that have a plenty of loose excess tissues, such as the air going through the air passages. In addition, the additional weight on their stomach prefers the diaphragm from working well and often causes irregular breathing.

Poor Tongue and Throat Muscle Tone

When sleeping, your muscles are less tense and the muscles found in the air passages are likely to break or to collapse. Due to poor muscle tone, the tongue will simply fall back to the throat. This causes a block because the tongue can obstruct air flow. This ultimately leads to snoring. The most important causes of poor tone and muscle are alcohol consumption, sleep or any substance that is relaxing for sleep.

Nasal Blockage

When the nasal passages are blocked due to the bony nose or a nasal construction disorder, the person can turn out breathing through the mouth as an alternative to the nose.

The nasal strips are a popular anti-snoring device, but only useful for cases where snoring is caused by nasal blockage difficulties. Other anti-snore solutions can provide medicines for cold, flu or allergies, and in the case of malformations, nasal surgery can be in order after a suspicious examination by a qualified doctor.

Anti-Snore Sprays

Most patients know the existence of sprays as an anti-snore device. This helps to despise or forget the soft palate and throat. Though it is important to note that snoring is not caused by soft or hard tissue, buy by tissues that block. This may help to soften hardened tissues; it cannot be any kind of solution for the chronic nursing in search of relief. Some have even reported that these sprays have produced an increase in snoring.

Anti-Snore Pillows

These are a good anti-snoring device for people who lie on their backs at night. If you are one of those who’s snoring is caused by lying on the back but do not do it if you are on your side, then this may be the solution to your problem.

These anti-snore devices have been specifically developed for this problem in the spirit and help the snorer to promote lying on his or her side. You can even combine this anti-snore device with another: a tennis ball sewed in your pocket on the back of your pajama top. If you roll over on the back subconsciously, you will feel anxiety. You will be a better-assured success in changing your sleeping habits because this discomfort when rolling over onto your back will force you to return to your side.